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Fuse board Upgrades

Fuse board Upgrades

It is often a far better and cheaper option to upgrade the consumer unit rather than alter the existing installation to comply with the new regulations. Interchanging the consumer unit may also involve some additional electrical work to enable the building to meet the standards set by the wiring regulations.

It might involve splitting circuits or running in a new cable. Older properties might have all the lighting and sockets supplied by just two courses. It would be far more helpful to split these so that the lighting and sockets for each floor are on separate circuits and circuit breakers.

Additional faults that require care include borrowed neutrals. A neutral return path was not available or when an association to a different port was successful. In many cases, repairing this fault needs a new cable.

When to know if my fuse box needs upgrading?

All fuse boxes that date back to the 1960s likely have a wooden back with cast-iron switches and a mixture of fuses. Or you don’t possess any residual current devices (RCDs) for wiring inside the walls and sockets or plugs for outside electrical appliances. And if you are planning a building or renovation project such as a new electric shower, an extension or an attic conversion and extra wiring and new circuits will need to be installed.